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Why am I doing this

So, um. I just figured I should probably rescue this shiny clean slate journal from its newness by writing something while tired and delirious because that is how I get things done.

ALSO. I thought it would be a super-neato time and place to commemorate my extremely late introduction to playing BlazBlue online. Yeah, that's right. After all my hardcore love for the series, this is the first time I'm getting to fight actual people (aside from my pathetic ventures to the arcade to face off against weirdos who had absolutely no clue what they were doing. B|) But alas my hard-earned levels will probably be lost in the ether since I'll just be stealing paid time from my bro's account from now on. Farewell, cloocloo. I shall miss thee, and those glorious two days we spent together shall live on in my heart for about a fortnight you SONOFABITCH. Wait, what?

In other news, I am now faced with the nigh unbearable prospect of returning to the dreaded UTS, with which I have a serious love-hate relationship going on. I mean, I could be somewhere worse. A lot worse. But seriously, getting an email that starts with "On behalf of the Corporate Finance: Theory & Practice teaching team I would like to extend a warm welcome to all students enrolled for the Autumn semester 2011" just makes me sick to my stomach.

/brb dying somewhere.

Oh and look, my daily life meets pixiv insanityCollapse ) - who'd have thought?

Anyway I should probably have a meme in here or something but I don't really know where to steal them from. And hey, when did it get so late? Good night, denizens of the deep. You have no power over me.
New journal, huzzah!

More to come................possibly.

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